Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It goes on…

dhs suncatcher

I seem to have found a way to keep the nostalgia going in the wake of my 50th anniversary high school class reunion last Saturday evening in Delphi, Ind.

I solicited old photos from classmates and created a slideshow of about 250 images that I presented at the reunion and got orders from 17 people for copies of the slideshow on CD.

Then it occurred to me to sweeten the slideshow CD with photos from the reunion, so I added what I had and put out the call for contributions. I got 15 photos last night from Dave Goyer and more are coming.

This is the commemorative suncatcher that was handed out at the reunion. At the risk of being nitpicky, it really wasn’t the “50th Reunion.” Since our reunions occur at five-year intervals, it was the 10th. The 50th, at that rate, would occur 250 years after graduation. Which is why I take pains to refer to it as the 50-year or 50th anniversary reunion.

I don’t suppose anyone else notices or cares, but you know how I am about words.

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