Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mountaineer Lisa

lisa climbing01

We took Lisa to Lifetime Athletic last Sunday for a bit of rock climbing.

She is absolutely fearless, something that was underscored by her desire to do the lisa at the topcrazy acrophobic rides atop the Stratosphere Tower a few days earlier.

She was struggling a bit with some of the routes up the rock face, but climbed like a spider monkey up a familiar route all the way to the top, which I guess to be about 40 feet up.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Steve climbed to the top of a huge pine tree in our back yard when we lived at 5009 N. College Ave. in Indianapolis. And Nicky says she was a climber when she was a kid.

Steve said she probably would have done better on the new routes if she had condescended to wear the special climbing shoes available at the facility, instead of insisting on her own sneakers.

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