Thursday, July 14, 2011

Las Vegas Mob Experience



My son Steve did all of the music for the Las Vegas Mob Experience attraction at the Flamingo so we checked it out last Sunday morning.

It’s a highly interactive museum that traces the intertwined history of organized crime and the development of Las Vegas as a gaming and entertainment destination.

You start out at Ellis Island where you’re photographed in various poses against a green screen. The images are later offered for purchase (see above).

The visitor interacts with virtual (Mickey Rourke, in our case) and live actors to perform tasks that advance him toward the eventual goal of becoming a “made man” in the Mafia – stuff like delivering an envelope with three fake $100 bills to “Louie” at a cafĂ©, lying to the police, and deciding the fate of a guy caught cheating in a mob-owned casino. If you perform too poorly, you could end up getting “whacked” in the final encounter.

I’m pleased to say Steve and I are now made men in the Las Vegas Mob Experience context.

The exhibits include lots of clothing, home movies, and memorabilia donated by the families of the key players like Ben “Bugsy” Siegel and Meyer Lansky. (Lansky’s Social Security card – Number 109-03-8534 – is on display, along with several pages from his journal.)

The music really enhances the impact of the experience and once again, Steve makes me proud.

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