Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Being useful at home

Tomorrow was, as I posted earlier, a tumultuous day, with my rally plans flip-flopping from on to off to on to off again.

The final result is “off.”

(Notice that the period is inside the close-quote mark? For those of you who may be unsure, that is the correct placement.)

But I digress.

I thought the rally might be saved when the guys at Gateway tire suddenly decided they could work on the Subaru right away and have it done yesterday afternoon. Turns out the alternator belt had broken and another was about to fail, so they replaced them both for a total of $120 and change.

At that point, Maria said she felt she could manage without me and urged me to go to the rally.

But then we got as clearer picture of her back problem from our chiropractor. She has a bulging L5 disk from some weekend lifting. The fix is to avoid sitting and to spend her time walking, standing or lying down. So that means no work, since her job involves at least 8 hours of sitting a day, plus sitting in the car to and from work.

The chiropractor advised taking the rest of the week off. Her boss wanted a “conventional” medical opinion, so we went to Clopton Clinic this morning where the nurse practitioner concurred.

Clearly, there is no way in hell that I can leave her alone under these circumstances. My place is here with her, not at the BMW MOA rally in Pennsylvania.

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