Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It’s Lynda’s birthday

lynda mccain brooks

I got an email this morning from the Delphi High School alumni site reminding me that today is Lynda McCain Brooks’s birthday.

That means she’s 65 and gets her Medicare card, among other things.

I had a crush on Lynda from the third grade through the sixth grade, but now I regard her as kind of a sister, just like Sue Crumbo, whose hospitality I enjoyed last month in Oklahoma City. You get close to people when you go through all or most of 12 grades of elementary, junior high and high school together.

Actually, Lynda and I are distant double cousins, related by two separate branches of ancestors.

We’ve strayed from our native Delphi. But state-wise Sue and Lynda are right next door: Sue in Oklahoma and Lynda in Baton Rouge, La.

Happy birthday, Lynda!

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