Tuesday, April 12, 2016


What started out as a leaky upstairs toilet has turned out to be kind of a major deal at our Thorntown house.

The plumbers determined that a 4" cast iron pipe that runs from the upstairs bathroom to the basement has split. They determined this by opening the wall in the dining room. (see photo) They also determined it was beyond their abilities to repair and the home warranty insurance company we use has subbed it out to another company whose people are scheduled to show up at the house next Monday.

This had me freaked out when I got the initial call about noon yesterday, but after a couple of hours on the phone to Indiana, I think I can relax about it for awhile. At least until Monday.

I dropped by our commercial building and recruited one of the secretaries to hold a file folder as a laser rangefinder target so I could figure out the dimensions of the building - 34.4 yards by 24.4 yards. That works out to 7,554.24 square feet - actually less inside because this excludes the thickness of the walls. I called the county assessor's office and was told their assessment is based on a higher square footage estimate, so they're sending a guy out to redo the assessment.

Likewise, they're looking into the erroneously high (by a factor of 10) number of feet of chain link fence at our home.

Those are things that have been on my plate too long and I'm relieved to have things moving on that front.

Grass Roots BMW Motorcycles was closed on Monday - as are most motorcycle dealerships much of the year - so today was the first day of the week that they could receive the starter relay that BMW has presumably shipped from Germany to make my K1200GT whole. I won't embarrass myself by pestering them about it, so I'll try to be patient and wait for their call. Unless I don't hear anything by Friday. Then I'll call.

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