Sunday, April 24, 2016

Going in for repairs

I've mentioned it before, but this bears repeating: I love my Swiss Army knife.

The one I carry these days is the altimeter multitool (see illustration) that was a gift from my son Sean eight years ago.

It has a barometric altimeter and a thermometer that can read out in metric or English scales. Since I live in relatively flat terrain, I use the altimeter more as a weather predictor. And the thermometer pretty much always registers 84 degrees in my pocket.

But I carry the knife all of the time and I use its blades and tools several times a day to open packages, tighten the screws in my glasses, open beer bottles, open envelopes, cut string, trim my moustache, remove splinters, write notes, and on and on.

Victorinox makes a dizzying array of Swiss Army knives and I can't imagine walking out of my house without one in my pocket.

Sadly, the electronic functions stopped working a few months ago and I finally got around to getting a repair order from Victorinox preliminary to shipping the knife to their service center in Connecticut for repairs. It will go into the mail tomorrow morning. In the meantime, I rummaged through my trove of dresser drawer stuff and found another - lower-tech - Victorinox Swiss Army knife to carry.

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