Friday, September 28, 2012–Why shop anywhere else for gear?

I’ve bought a couple of helmets, a couple of pairs of pants, two riding jackets and a pair of gloves from in the past 18 months or so and have come to appreciate their service and spectacular deals.

I’m on their email list and get a heads-up almost daily on the newest sale and closeout deals.

I’ve been watching for a good deal on a tank bag for my 2003 BMWslr-20 bag K1200GT because the Marsee bag I bought when I took delivery of the bike in February, 2003 is showing its age. Specifically, the fabric on the rear accessory pouch – the place I put my tire patch kit, visor cleaning fluid and cloth and other stuff I might need quickly – has come unraveled to the point that the contents are no longer secure. Not even if I put them all into a Zip-lock bag and then put the bag into the pouch.

I shopped for a replacement at the BMW MOA Rally in July, but wasn’t ready to pay $200+ since I’d just bought pricey LED bulbs for my MotoLights and a $65 LDComfort shirt.slr-20 charging kit

So I was more than intrigued by this morning’s email that included the $239.99 Nelson Rigg SLR-Sport Strap Mount Tank Bag for only $64.99. (They have a magnetic mount version for the same money, but my bike has a non-ferrous tank and magnets won’t stick to it.)

The basic bag is 12”x8”x6”, which is pretty much the same volume as my old Marsee and the strap mount arrangement looks like it will fit my bike just fine.

nate mcgearcomConcerned that their stock might fly out the door before I could place an order, I ordered one online right away. (Two days later – this model is sold out.)

Then I read the rest of the specs and discovered it’s made to accept a solar panel charging system for small electronics, like cell phones and iPods. Oho!

The charging system normally sells for $49.99, but was on closeout for $19.99. Not wanting to overpay for shipping two separate orders, I phoned in Shallowater, Texas – a small town northwest of Lubbock – and asked Nate, the Parts and Accessories manager, if I could add it to my tank bag order and ship both items in the same box.

Nate crunched the numbers and noted that my bill would fall just $5 short of their free shipping threshold.

He pondered a moment, then said he’d just throw a charging kit into the box for free.


I was blown away.

Needless to say, I am their customer for life.

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