Thursday, February 09, 2017

Locker room memory aid

I had finished my 1+ miles on the treadmill at the fitness center yesterday afternoon and was in the locker room getting ready to shower when I noticed a guy who had obviously forgotten which locker he used to stash his clothes. The lockers have electronic keypad locks that let you enter your own four-digit combination. Once you unlock the locker, the lock waits for the next user to enter a combination.

As I walked off to the showers, I made a mental note to help him search if he hadn't found his locker by the time I finished showering.

Happily, he found it on his own. So I shared my secret for never losing track of my locker number.

I snap a photo of the number with my iPhone. I keep my phone with me when I work out because it pairs with my Bluetooth headphones to provide one of two exercise playlists I've created.

I'm proud to say my memory is good enough that I've never had to resort to the iPhone photo backup, but I'm not embarrassed to say that day may come. And I'll be ready.

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